Opt-Out of Printed Statements

Decreasing the number of printed statements is important not only to ensure we are responsibly using your funds, but also to be kind to the environment.

Opt out of printed statements through Online Banking (My Accounts/Statement Preference). Don't have Online Banking? Then please contact us for assistance.

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Your Credit Union spends over one hundred thousand dollars sending statements to members annually, printing close to 200,000 sheets of paper and 94,000 envelopes. With the rising cost of postage and paper, this expense will only increase in the future, redirecting funds away from new channels, products and services. In an effort to deploy your funds in the most valuable way possible, we will be:

  • Encouraging members to choose e-Statements
  • Charging a printed statement fee in 2017


$110,000 print & postage
197,000 sheets of paper
94,000 envelopes


Environmentally-friendly information. Reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing paper consumption, fuel use and greenhouse gases.

Faster, secure delivery. Your e-Statement arrives securely in Online Banking quicker than through traditional mail.

Clutter-free 7-year record keeping. E-Statements are accessible online for 7 years and may be saved to your personal computer or printed as you wish.

When you opt out of receiving paper statements, we all benefit!


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