Corporate Sponsorship

As a cooperative financial institution, one of our core principles is concern for our community. We also believe that when we collaborate with employees, members, local businesses and organizations, we create opportunities to enrich lives on the Sunshine Coast, together.

Our Community Enrichment Committee reviews donation and sponsorship requests quarterly. While we accept requests from all non-profit organizations, we believe in the local ripple effect created by mutual support and give preference to those organizations who are members with us.

The Committee considers specific criteria when reviewing applications, including:

  • Is the request from a non-profit organization, society or association.
  • How many people will the initiative affect in a positive way.
  • Does the initiative reflect the spirit of our Vision: We enrich lives and community on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Have we dedicated funds fairly across our communities as well as across demographics and areas of interest: youth, families, seniors, education, health, recreation, arts and culture.

Submit your proposal online to us by the application deadline dates provided in the table below. You will be contacted with the result of your application by the dates provided below. Applications received after the Application Deadline will be considered at the next meeting.


Application DeadlinesCommunity Enrichment Committee Meeting DateYou can expect to hear from us by:
November 30, 2018 Mid December December 29
February 28, 2019 Mid March March 30
May 31, 2019 Mid June June 29
August 31, 2019 Mid September September 28
November 30, 2019 Mid December December 28

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