Fraud Awareness

We understand privacy and security is important to you; that is why it is important to us too. Protecting and safeguarding member information is one of our highest priorities at SCCU. We on occasion will review and introduce new features in order to keep our members safe. One way you can keep yourself safe is to arm yourself with the knowledge to recognize fraud in order to protect yourself, and stop it. More info...

Introducing Enhanced Password

Ensuring your security is our top priority and we will continue to offer our members best in class security features when they become available. We are pleased to now offer our members the additional security of choosing complex passwords.

Changes coming Feb 26th, 2019. Action Required. Learn More.

Introduction to ReCaptcha

In addition to our existing safeguards including encryption and security questions, we’ve implemented reCAPTCHA, a system that assesses whether an online banking log-in is being performed by a human or a robot.  To ensure your protection, you may be presented with a series of images that you will need to identify to gain access to your online banking account.

If you would like to verify this information, please contact us during business hours at 604 740.2662 or 24/7 at 1-877-801-9069 (in North America) or 1-925-446-3457 (outside of North America).

Mobile Alerts

Sign up for Mobile Alerts in Online Banking – you’ll be immediately notified if someone logs into your account, changes your PAC, or your account is locked out by too many access attempts.

Learn more about Common Cyber Scams.


The Competition Bureau Canada has recently released its 2nd edition of “The little black book of scams”. This pamphlet outlines the most popular scams and fraud schemes currently in practice as well as ways to spot them and methods of safeguarding yourself from being victimized by them.

Download the Little Black Book of Scams 2.

A common mechanism for the comprimize of Digital Banking is due to a device being infected with malware. Steps to prevent malware infection include:

- Regular patching of the operating system
- Regular patching of the application software such as web browsers
- Running a current anti-virus/anti-malware protection tool
- Remove any unused/unwanted software from a device so it doesn't need to be maintained

Tips on how to safeguard yourself from fraud.

For more info:

Call: 604.740.2662 or 1 800.320.4588




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