Fraud Awareness

Improve your fraud knowledge and protect your information with these tips:

  1. Review your account activity regularly.
  2. Change your passwords often.
  3. Check your credit report every year and report problems immediately.
  4. Only download apps to your smartphone from a trusted source.
  5. Always enter the website address in the browser yourself. Never use a link.
  6. If you’re unsure if a business is legitimate, never disclose personal information about your finances, credit cards, SIN or driver’s license.
  7. Secure your WiFi by updating your password and checking default settings.
  8. Create a strong 10 character password with a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.
  9. Always shred personal information such as statements, credit card bills, receipts, cheques, pre-approved credit applications and old income tax returns.
  10. Be wary of conducting financial transactions using a public WiFi hot spot.
  11. Never submit your social insurance number through email or click any suspicious links. Visit Canada Revenue Agency for more fraud prevention details.

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