Fraud Awareness

Improve your fraud knowledge and protect your information with these tips:

  1. Review your account activity regularly.
  2. Change your passwords often.
  3. Check your credit report every year and report problems immediately.
  4. Only download apps to your smartphone from a trusted source.
  5. Always enter the website address in the browser yourself. Never use a link.
  6. If you’re unsure if a business is legitimate, never disclose personal information about your finances, credit cards, SIN or driver’s license.
  7. Secure your WiFi by updating your password and checking default settings.
  8. Create a strong 10 character password with a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.
  9. Always shred personal information such as statements, credit card bills, receipts, cheques, pre-approved credit applications and old income tax returns.
  10. Be wary of conducting financial transactions using a public WiFi hot spot.
  11. Never submit your social insurance number through email or click any suspicious links. Visit Canada Revenue Agency for more fraud prevention details.

To change your PAC: log in to online banking > Profile and Preferences > Change Personal Acces Code

The Competition Bureau Canada has recently released its 2nd edition of “The little black book of scams”. This pamphlet outlines the most popular scams and fraud schemes currently in practice as well as ways to spot them and methods of safeguarding yourself from being victimized by them.Click here to download the Little Black Book of Scams 2.

Please remember:

  • Never give out personal or financial information as a result of unsolicited telephone calls. Only provide personal information or send funds if you have initiated the transaction with a source you know is legitimate.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and if you feel pressured or threatened, never hesitate to end calls.
  • Record unsolicited caller’s information and scam details, and report to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

For more info:

Call: 604.740.2662 or 1 800.320.4588




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