Enhanced PAC and Increased Authentication FAQs

Ensuring your security is our top priority and we will continue to offer our members best in class security features when they become available. We are pleased to now offer our members the additional security of choosing complex passwords.

For your protection, Increased Authentication is also part of the SCCU online banking login process.

Enhanced PAC - General Information

Where can members change their PAC?

PACs can be changed in online banking on desktop or through the mobile app. PACs cannot be changed via Mobile Web. You can change your PAC anytime in mobile banking or online banking. Whilst logged into online banking select profile and prefences in your left menu then select Change Personal Access Code.

In mobile banking, click on the top right menu to reveal a drop down list, Select Settings then  Change Personel Access Code.

What are the requirements for Enhanced PAC?

Enhanced PAC must be a combination of 8-30 alpha and numeric values and must contain at least one upper case alpha, one lower case alpha, one numeric value, and one special character.

The only mutually accepted special characters are: - . , # : ? | ( ) ’ | \ / @ $ !

Small Business

When are delegates required to change their PAC?

On your next log in after Extended PAC is implemented (February 26th 2019)

Does the delegate have to wait for the authorized signor to change/update their PAC?

Yes. Delegates will need to be reactiviated by the signor once they have updated their PAC.

Can a delegate login to Online Banking Small Business prior to the signer re-activating them?

No. Signers must complete their upgrade to a strong Password and reactivate Delegates.

Will consolidated accounts display once the new Enhanced PAC is created?

No.  A new strong PAC is required for both Personal and Business.  Signers will need to ensure this has been completed on both Business and Personal profiles before consolidated accounts can be viewed.

Lock Outs

Why am I locked out of Mobile App after updating my PAC to a strong PAC via desktop?

You likely have Quickview enabled on the mobile app. This feature stores the PAC on the backend of all devices the member has ever had, allowing the app to retrieve balances and display them without the user having to login.

Each time the app is opened and balances displayed, it’s logging in with the previously stored PAC, which is now incorrect. This will eventually lock the user out. To correct, you need to login to online banking on desktop, navigate to Account Services > Mobile Banking App and remove all registered devices. SCCU staff will need to reset you, please call the MSC, live chat online, or stop in to a branch.

Frequently Asked Questions - Increased Authentication

What is Increased Authentication?

Increased Authentication provides an additional level of security to the online banking log-in process. To activate this additional security, you are asked to select three security questions.

Why has Sunshine Coast Credit Union implemented this enhanced security?

This feature provides another level of protection for our members. It verifies to us that it's you accessing your account.

Who can I call if I have questions?

Our online banking call-centre is available 24/7 to take your calls and answer any questions you have:  1 877-801-9069 (North America) or 1-925-446-3457 (outside of North America) or email technical support.

Do I have to use Increased Authentication?

Yes, participation is mandatory for all members who use online banking.

Does it take a long time to register?

Setting up this security features is quick and easy and will take just a few minutes.

Do I have to answer a security question every time I log on?

You will only have to answer a security question if you are signing in from a computer that you have not registered as a "trusted" computer. If you have registered your computer as trusted, you will not be asked a security question. Registering your computer will place a permanent cookie on your computer for identification purposes. Every time you clear your cookies, you will have to repeat the registration process. Note: You should only register a computer if you are the owner or its sole user. We recommend that you do not register computers that are shared, such as those found in libraries or shared work computers.

Can I change my security questions?

Yes, when you are logged into online banking, you will find a menu on the left hand side of the screen where you can go to change any or all of your choices.


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