Kim Starnes - Mobile Financial Advisor

Advice from Kim: The new year is in full swing. Time to hit the reset button!

Kim Starnes - Mobile Financial Advisor
It’s that time of year again when we’ve come to terms with our Christmas spending, received and at least mentally processed the resulting credit card bill(s), and hopefully turned our thoughts to getting back on track financially. Some people forget, this feeling is universal. Buying gifts for loved ones isn’t always a rational decision! For most of us, this is the season of investment planning: RRSP’s, term deposits, setting ourselves up for financial success for the remainder of 2019 and onward. It is a very good time to meet with a mobile advisor - like me, or someone you already know well - to get some strategic advice, or simply to act as a sounding board as you review your options and financial goals.  

When it comes to financial planning, there’s no benefit to waiting.  Like most important things, the sooner you start the better. There is so much to consider - an investment product that is a perfect fit for one person is a stretch for another, so it’s important to focus on your goals, your priorities and your capacity for saving. There are of course tools and products that reflect different needs and objectives: levels of risk, lengths of time, greater or lesser accessibility and flexibility, etc., and that’s what an advisor can help you navigate, saving you some time and providing some much needed context. 

Most mobile advisors will work with you to look at your individual situation, and weigh both long and short term plans. In my case, I try to help our members look at product categories, features and terms that reflect their goals and their personality; not everyone wants to ride with the market, and not everyone is content to lock in for 4 or five years with a guaranteed return. It is just really important that your personal goals, capacity and tolerance levels are in the calculus, and that’s what a good advisor should help you with.  

I know I can help get you on track and I’d be thrilled to come to you, or to meet at one of our branches, whichever is best for you. Most importantly, I’d just like to encourage everyone to get advice from someone you are comfortable with, and do your best to plan for a secure financial future. There are too many things in life we can’t control; let’s make sure we exercise as much control as possible over those we can. 

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