INTERAC Flash® technology

INTERAC Flash® allows you to pay for small purchases quickly through contactless technology embedded in our new INTERAC Flash® enabled MEMBER CARD® debit cards.

Simply hold your card in front of the reader at checkout. You can use it at merchants across Canada – wherever you see the INTERAC Flash® logo.

There’s no need to insert your card and enter your PIN, or to exchange cash at the checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes; you are protected with several layers of security in addition to chip technology (which protects you against skimming, counterfeiting and electronic pick-pocketing):

Maximum individual purchase amount $100 or lower depending on retailer.
Maximum cumulative spend limit Once your spending has reached $200, you will be asked to enter your PIN to reset the INTERAC Flash® technology.
INTERAC’s ® Zero Liability Policy* You will not be liable for losses resulting from unauthorized transactions*

Can purchases be made by accident by standing too close to the terminal?

No, your card needs to be less than 4 centimeters away from the terminal and positioned at a particular angle. Also, you must choose INTERAC Flash® as the payment type before your transaction can be initiated.

Are there any additional fees for using a Flash-enabled MEMBER CARD® debit card?

No additional fees apply for Flash transactions.

Where can I use my INTERAC Flash® enabled MEMBER CARD® debit card?

Interac’s website shows the growing list of merchants supporting Interac Flash technology. For Point of Sale terminals that are not yet Flash-enabled, you’ll be able to use the Interac Flash card’s chip technology to make your purchase just as you do today.

What should I do if my Card is lost or stolen?

Contact us immediately. For after-hours assistance, call 1 888 277.1043.

Can I opt out of INTERAC Flash®?

Yes; please speak to us in-branch. Please note:

  • If you are still using the blue SCCU MEMBER CARD® debit card, Flash is not enabled on these cards.
  • If you have a new green SCCU MEMBER CARD® debit card, your card may be Flash-enabled.

* You will not be liable for losses resulting from circumstances beyond your reasonable control. You still have a role in protecting yourself from losses; your Debit Card agreement outlines these obligations including protecting your PIN, reporting a lost or stolen card, and checking your statement. Learn more.

®MEMBER CARD and MEMBER CARD & Design are registered certification marks owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license.

®INTERAC Flash and INTERAC e-Transfer are Trade-marks of Interac Inc. Used under license.


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