At Sunshine Coast Credit Union, we take your full relationship with us into account when providing you with a mortgage rate quote.

The rates below are posted rates. The quote we provide to you may be less or more, depending on the products and services you have with us.

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First Mortgages - Closed (Rates effective 2018-09-06) Rates
6 Month Fixed Term Residential 4.00%
1 Year Fixed Term Residential 3.64%
2 Year Fixed Term Residential 3.79%
3 Year Fixed Term Residential 4.00%
4 Year Fixed Term Residential 4.59%
5 Year Fixed Term Residential 5.19%
7 Year Fixed Term Residential 5.80%
First mortgage - Open Term (Rates effective 2018-09-06) Rates
1 Year Open 7.25%
First mortgage - Variable Rate - Closed Term (Rates effective 2018-09-06) Rates
5 Year Term 4.95%

All rates subject to change without notice.

The annual percentage rate (APR) will be the same as the posted interest rate, where no additional fee(s) apply.


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