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Postal code changes for Sechelt & Halfmoon Bay - To ensure a smooth experience, we are committed to automatically updating all impacted member profiles by 2022 with the new postal code - we've got you covered!

“My goal is to strategically design experiences for our employees and members. To accomplish this, I rely on three unique yet undoubtedly connected lenses: design thinking, change management, and process improvement – all these dots must be connected to create truly simplified, impactful interactions.” 

Anthony Paul

Director of Member Experience and Transformation 

Anthony spent the early part of his career as a member of one of the world’s most innovative research organizations where he assisted a number of Fortune 500 firms and other recognizable brands with better understanding their customers through digital qualitative research methods.  

He transitioned his research-driven approach to one of Canada’s largest and most member-centric credit unions where he led a number of key organizational projects that assisted in improving the credit union’s member experience. 

Professional development in areas such as design thinking, change management, and process/continuous improvement has allowed Anthony to take a unique, holistic approach towards proactively designing experiences – he’s excited to apply these tools at SCCU to build upon the organization’s already strong, member-centric foundation.