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We are pleased to be able to assist our members in accessing the Government’s Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA). Learn more 

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Together we can do this.

We have put aside $100,000 to share with our business community in support of your reinvention!

Let’s start rebuilding today.

Sunshine Coast Credit Union Members are invited to apply for a grant (up to $5,000) through our new Business Grant offering. Providing entrepreneurs with some non-repayable re-boot funding is our way of supporting you in re-imagining what is possible for your business, whether it’s creating new ways to serve your customers, finding opportunities to expand your market or investing in your employees. We’ll be looking to fund initiatives that focus on new technologies, safety, employee training, research and new products and services. While our commercial services team is still right here to support your lending needs, our intention with this new program is to provide immediate financial support outside of our existing lending solutions.

We are one coast, one community, one local economy. Let’s grow together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

  • Members in good standing of Sunshine Coast Credit Union that operate an active business account prior to March 1st, 2020
  • Businesses that are: sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures or corporations
  • Businesses that are resident on the Sunshine Coast (Earl’s Cove to Langdale) but may serve any markets outside of the Sunshine Coast
  • Businesses that have been in operation since March 1st, 2019

​What can the funds be used for?

  • Purchasing or enhancing safety equipment to keep employees and clients safe at the business
  • Purchasing or enhancing technology (software or hardware) to improve client access to services and goods at the business
  • Training or educating employees for new roles, safety procedures, service in virtual environments or to use new technology to serve clients
  • Recruiting new talent to reside on the Sunshine Coast (other than wages and salary expenses)
  • Designing new products, services or features
  • Expanding to new markets Research to determine new markets or needs of consumers

​How much is the grant?

  • Up to a maximum in 2020 of $5000 for those businesses that have completed some form of training or learning and development in the past 12 months 
  • Up to a maximum in 2020 of $2500 for businesses that have not completed some form of training or learning and development in the past 12 months

​What is the total availability of grants?

Sunshine Coast Credit Union is making available up to $100,000 in aggregate to be distributed as grants to successful applicants under this program.

​How do I apply for the grant?

  • An on-line application is available at
  • Only completed on-line applications will be considered

​When can I get the grant?

There will be two application intakes in 2020:

  • Intake 1 – deadline for application July 8 – responses by July 15
  • Intake 2 – deadline for application August 31  - responses by Sept 9

Successful grant applicants will be advised by email and funds will be credited to their account

​Do I need to repay the grant?

No. Funds received by successful applicants pursuant to this program and used for the purposes set out in an approved application are a grant and do not need to be repaid to Sunshine Coast Credit Union.

​How do I qualify for the grant?

The purpose of the grant is to help businesses evolve their business model to be successful in the post COVID world. For specific details, see the scoring matrix found in the Terms and Conditions. Among other things, we will be looking for the following qualities:

  • Profitable business operations pre COVID
  • Illustration of innovative service during COVID
  • Connection to community – how does your business impact the community in addition to what you sell
  • Businesses that have utilized other programs – government, non-profit to help their business thrive in the last 6 months

The guidelines set out herein are primary eligibility criteria only. Sunshine Coast Credit Union reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, which applications are selected to receive grant funding.

​Which applications will not be considered?

  • To support ongoing operating costs including wages and salaries
  • In response to fundraising campaigns
  • To cover deficits
  • To retire debts
  • To fund activities that serve primarily the membership or purposes of religious or political organizations
  • To fund businesses that do not reside on the lower Sunshine Coast (Earl’s Cove to Langdale)
  • For non-members
  • For members who have not operated a business account with Sunshine Coast Credit Union since March 1st, 2019

SCCU reserves the right to alter or change any aspect of the REBUILD Business Grant Program including criteria, scoring matrix and timing.

See our terms and conditions.

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