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Introducing FinFlex

Our goal is to build financial confidence, strength and resiliency for our members, during an uncertain time. In the coming months, we’ll be assessing new ways to best support your financial health, including fresh resources and easy access to more experts.

Introducing FinFlex, a pilot program that gives you access to your own go-to SCCU Champion, dedicated to your financial wellness. Your champion will assess your needs, help you plan, and conveniently bring in the experts you need at the right time, from investing and managing your estate, to insurance, commercial services and more. 

We invite members and non members to help us become your first choice financial partner; join our panel today!

​Your advisor will connect and welcome you personally.

​Provide us with your valuable  feedback along the way.

We look forward to welcoming you!

​Why are you launching this pilot?

Times have changed and they will continue to change. A crystal ball would be an ideal tool at this time!  In the absence of this, we can help you with the next best thing:  preparing financially for the unknown. We’re bundling up a combination of a personal advisor and online tools to support our members in their financial confidence and security, today, and for the future. 

​Can anyone sign up?

Our first step is to test this idea out with a small number of members first, learn from their feedback and iterate for future roll-outs.  If you are interested in being part of this pilot, please complete our online form and we’ll be in touch.  This level of member engagement is the exciting reality of being a locally-owned and operated financial institution!

​Can I choose my champion?

A great fit is so important when it comes to building out your financial goals and plans. We’ll make sure you are completely comfortable and confident in your champion

​How much feedback will you need from me?

We’ll take whatever you are able to give! We envision online surveys to keep it efficient, and we may look at an online focus group as well so that feedback can be built upon collaboratively.