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  • Supporting Pender and District Health Centre Media Release

Sunshine Coast Credit Union members support health and wellness with a $6,500 grant to Pender Harbour & District Health Centre. 


Sunshine Coast, BC, October 20, 2020. Sunshine Coast Credit Union (SCCU) has contributed $6,500 towards the purchase of Pender Harbour & District Health Centre’s new telephone system.

Having served over 5000 individual patients in just nursing services alone last year, Pender Harbour & District Health Centre also provides care to the community through social work services, a range of community programs, and volunteer activities that are coordinated through the centre.  “Our current system is antiquated,” said Chief Operating Officer, Susann Richter.  “We have no capacity for individual voice mails; call forwarding is not possible to every phone; it is very difficult to change the main phone voice mail which makes it difficult to leave messages for the public regarding sudden closures and any other changes to service.”  Due to the pandemic, health service providers have had to pivot and some are now delivering services by phone, which makes reliable call forwarding and voice mail messages even more essential.

It is through the support of SCCU’s members that the Credit Union can give back to meaningful initiatives such as this. Members’ funds remain local and are reinvested right back into Sunshine Coast communities; a unique feature of the cooperative credit union model. “Timely access to healthcare is so critically important, especially today”, said VP of Service Delivery, James Richmond.  “To our members that are already activating important grants like this in our communities; thank you for choosing to make the most of your money through your local credit union.  To those that may be considering us, we welcome the opportunity to show you how we make your money work hard for you and the community where you live.”  

The grant from SCCU comes at an opportune time for the Health Centre. “While is it impossible to get an exact number, a conservative estimate of the number of calls and faxes that go through the Centre is 30,000 in a normal year. COVID-19 has put much more pressure on our home care nursing and clinic services with approximately 45% higher volume on the average.” Richter continues. “With this grant, we are thrilled to have the ability to upgrade our system and continue vital care services to the Pender Harbour and District communities.” 

To learn more about Sunshine Coast Credit Union’s commitment to local communities and this years’ contributions of more than $500,000.

About Sunshine Coast Credit Union 

With more than $700 million in assets, Sunshine Coast Credit Union is a full-service co-operative financial institution serving over 17,300 members through 3 locations and mobile service. Employing close to 90 people, SCCU is a recipient of CoachingWise, an International Coach Federation designation. Investing in one another to build a healthy community is how we began 78 years ago, a vision that remains true today. Learn more.


About Pender Harbour and District Health Centre

Pender Harbour Health Centre is a multidisciplinary community health centre providing caring, quality and responsive health services to the Pender Harbour area.  Visit them here. 


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Jodi Fichtner, VP Marketing 



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From left to right: Susan Campbell, Records and Compliance Administrator of Pender Harbour & District Health Centre,  Susann Richter, Chief Operating Officer of Pender Harbour & District Health Centre, James Richmond, Vice President of Service Delivery of Sunshine Coast Credit Union



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