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Our financial and in-kind investments are made possible because of our member support


Non-profit organizations can apply today for up to $5000 per individual non-profit a year.  The Community Enrichment Committee reviews funding requests from non-profit organizations quarterly and considers specific criteria when reviewing applications:

  • SCCU Membership
  • Non-profit organization, society or association status
  • Number of people the initiative will affect in a positive way
  • How the initiative reflects the spirit of our Vision: We enrich lives and community
  • How the intitaitve aligns to SCCU's current commitment to the 6 chosen Sustainable Development Goals
  • Fair allocation of funds across communities, sectors and demographics

Please note that due to the many applications received in 2023 and adhering to our annual budget, we will be accepting applications for 2023 up until August 31st.  After this time, please feel free to apply for funding for 2024 initiatives which will be considered at the 2024 Q1 Community Enrichment Committee meeting. 
Thank you for your interest and for the incredible work that is happening in our community!

Submit your application online by the dates referenced.

Applications received after the Application Deadline will be considered at the following meeting. Please note maxium sponsorship is $5000.
Our ability to offer grants and sponorships is limited to our budget
 and application dates are subject to change

Application DeadlinesCommunity Enrichment Committee Meeting DateYou can expect to hear from us by:
Feb 28, 2023Mid MarchMarch 30
May 31, 2023Mid JuneJune 29
Aug 31, 2023Mid SeptemberSeptember 28
Nov 24, 2023Mid DecemberDecember 31st
FOR 2024   
Jan 31, 2024Mid FebruaryFebruary 29

Please note that SCCU does not provide funding in the following circumstances:

  • Where only one individual will benefit
  • Where funding supports salary costs
  • Where the funding would support a specific religious or political point of view

We are always here to help