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Our Class ‘D’ Equity Shares give you the opportunity to invest directly
in Sunshine Coast Credit Union

Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis until all shares have been subscribed for.


For you

Earn a typically higher rate of return than conventional savings – within your RRSP or wider portfolio.

For your credit union

Help us build on our strength to deliver even greater financial support, services, and innovations.

For your community

Help empower a thriving local economy and prosperous future for everyone in your community.


Class 'D'  Equity Share Dividend Rate History 

Year Dividend Payments (%)
2023 6.25%
2022 4.35%

Class D Equity Share dividend payments are based on credit union performance and the current environment. If dividends will be paid and the dividend rate is at the discretion of the Board of Directors, annually. Historical dividend rates to date have been based on the five-year term rate plus a bonus. The current year rate will be determined by the board in Dec of that year.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. An SCCU Advisor will help you understand if Class D Equity Shares are right for you – connect with us today!
Review our past member bulletins for previous years dividend payments. 


Investing in what matters, together

Creating positive impact is our reason for being. That’s why we dedicated over $210,500 in 2021 to a wide range of amazing community initiatives.

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Good Health & Well-Being

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Quality Education

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Decent Work & Economic Growth

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Reduced Inequalities

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Sustainable Cities & Communities

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Climate Action


Your equity share questions answered

Get answers to all your questions about our Class ‘D’ Equity Shares and, if you have more, we’re here to help via Live Chat or phone at 604.740.2662.


Absolutely! Not only do Class ‘D’ Equity Shares qualify as an RRSP investment, they’re also a great choice for it, typically earning you a higher rate of return than conventional savings.

The minimum first investment for Class ‘D’ Equity Shares is $500 and you can invest up to a maximum of $5,000 in $100 increments from then on.

Any personal member over the age of 18 can buy Class ‘D’ Equity Shares.

Investment Limits 

  • Minimum of $500; Maximum: 5000: ($100 INCREMENTS)

Benefits to Member

  • Allow members to participate in the credit union's profitability. 
  • Have higher rate of return then conventional savings.
  • Qualify as an RRSP investment.

Dividend Policies 

  • The Board of Directors will make every effort to pay a dividend each January pursuant to the Boards Dividend Policy.
  • Class 'D' Voluntary Equity Share dividends are taxable as interest income.
  • Directors may, at their discretion, change the dividend policy

Redemption Policies 

  • The redemption of Class 'D' Voluntary Equity Shares will be limited to 10% of the Credit Union's total issued and outstanding shares at the previous year end.
  • This is a requirement for primary capital as stated in the Financial Institutions Act.
  • The share certificate must be returned to the credit union for redemption.


  • Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis until all shares have been subscribed for.

Eligible Purchasers

  • All individual members over the age of 18 may make an application to purchase Class ‘D’ Voluntary Equity Shares.

Method of Application 

  • Applications may be made for the purchase of Class 'D' Voluntary Equity Shares in person, in writing or over the phone.


  • Class 'D' Voluntary Equity Shares are not insured by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

All conditions of issue and redemption are subject to the rules of Sunshine Coast Credit Union and applicable legislation