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Powering the economic multiplier for strong, sustainable communities

Concern for community is a co-operative value, a value that is shared with many of our members. Our collaborations with community partners, grants and in-kind investments are all made possible only because you’ve chosen to be part of something bigger, not just something big.

The future is ours to shape, let’s do this together!

Areas of Impact

1. Literacy

Opportunities to build knowledge and inspire creative thought.

2. Sustainable Communities

Enriching our community with sustainable initiatives.

3. Social & Environmental

Committing to causes that support social impact and the environment.

4. Housing

Building our community with accessible housing solutions.

5. Health & Well-Being

Promoting local health-oriented activities and seminars that support well-being.

6. Youth & Arts

Empowering youth involvement and supporting the local arts & culture streams.


We are proud to support continuing education through a variety of bursaries. For details and deadlines, follow the links below.