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What makes a community? Investing in what matters, together.

Our reason for being isn’t driven by delivering quarterly profits to a select group of shareholders. As a co-operative, our business model is built on a foundation of creating impact. Together, we’re investing in what matters - our members and the communities we share.

Explore the impact you’re making, just by being a member. 


Impact at a glance, over the past 10 years:

$1.5 Million

dedicated to building healthy communities


financial literacy session attendees


committed to Impact Investing


in bursaries


How we enrich lives, together


Non Profit Grants and Sponsorships

Dedicating close to $150,000 annually in support of the amazing work our non-profits and their volunteers are doing in the community.  Up to $5000 per individual non-profit a year.  



Financial Literacy

From preparing students for their journey to hosting fraud awareness sessions to keep seniors safe, our volunteer facilitators are equipping this generation and the next with the skills to make life changing financial decisions.



We're on an impact journey- Join us!

Like most journeys, this one is a mix of exciting possibilities, continued education, and remaining open to change. As a framework to help us on our journey we are supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG Impact page.jpg


Impact - Guaranteed Investing 

Our Impactful Term Deposit is a flexible and guaranteed way to invest for both a financial and social return. 



Delivering A Personalized Approach To Your Financial Wellness.

Get your financial wellness score and explore ways to improve your financial health by taking our online assessment today.

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Supporting Our Local Business Community Through COVID-19


$200,000 put aside to share with our business community in support of their reinvention. 



Eco-Home Loans

From solar panels to rainwater catchment systems, we help members outfit their homes with environmentally friendly improvements at a lower loan rate.  

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Community Enrichment Recipients

See the full list of last years non-profit grant recipients in our 2020 Annual Report



Student Bursaries

Proudly supporting continuing education through $5,000 in annual high school bursaries, in addition to the Credit Unions of BC Bursary program and the Canadian Federation of University Women Bursary. 


We are always here to help