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John Wiseman*


Richard Wilson

1st Vice Chairperson

Sue Anne Linde*

2nd Vice Chairperson

Manjit Kang

Member at Large

Tim Anderson

Betty Baxter

Chris Fawcus*

Cheryl McNicol 

*Terms expire at the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Accountable to membership, Sunshine Coast Credit Union’s Board of Directors works to guide the affairs of the credit union, and shape our members’ experience. Directors are a part of the communities we serve, and represent the evolving priorities of our members.

There is a tremendous depth of experience and talent on the Sunshine Coast and we are pleased to attract strong, knowledgeable directors to guide your credit union. The role is complex and rewarding on multiple levels. It involves strategic oversight, governance and financial management. Throughout the year, Directors prepare for and attend meetings, engage in continued education and professional development and are required to attend events and planning sessions.

We believe a strong Board is a diverse Board. We strive to ensure the Board’s culture and make up reflects the communities we serve. A mix of skills and expertise is also desired, and prospective candidates are assessed against those areas the Board is looking to strengthen. In addition to desired areas of expertise, core competencies such as strategic thinking, leadership and capacity for succession are required.

The terms of three directors will expire at the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Sunshine Coast Credit Union’s Rules require that certain criteria and procedures must be met during the nomination and election process. For details regarding election of directors, directors’ responsibilities and the credit union’s rules regarding nominations, contact Marisa Hudson, Corporate Secretary at 604.741.1753.

To be eligible to vote in an election, you must be a non-junior member in goodstanding 90 days prior to the election. Nominations for qualified candidates for Sunshine Coast Credit Union’s 2021 Board of Directors will be accepted beginning January 18th 2021 at the Administration Office: 985 Gibsons Way, Gibsons, BC, V0N1V8. Nominations will close at 5pm February 19th 2021.

Our leadership team shares the values of enriching our community and cultivating financial wellness, for today and future generations

Board of Directors

​The elected Board of Directors represents the voice of the member and oversees the strategic direction of Sunshine Coast Credit Union. 

John Wiseman

SunCu Board of Directors Representative

Director since 2010

“Sunshine Coast Credit Union is an extraordinary financial institution and a special part of the Coast; I am proud of our commitment to the community and to our members."

Richard Wilson*

1st Vice Chairperson

Director since 2010

“The organization’s knowledge of the culture and economy of the Coast is a valuable asset to depositors, as well as those with financing needs.” 

Sue Anne Linde, MBA

2nd Vice Chairperson

Director since 2015

“Credit Unions are part of the fabric of British Columbia, and certainly a vital component of the Sunshine Coast.”

Manjit Kang*

Member at Large
Peer Group 6 Representative

Director since 2014

“Credit unions are not just financial institutions; they’re active members of the community.”

Tim Anderson

Director since 1994

“I have always been interested in the tremendous contribution that cooperatives, and especially credit unions, make in smaller communities.”

Betty Baxter

Director Since January 2017

“It is an honour to work on the Board of Directors of such a well-respected organization as the Sunshine Coast Credit Union.” 

Chris Fawcus 

Director since 2014

“I consider it a privilege to contribute my knowledge to the continued success and growth of the Credit Union, an organization that has served its members and supported our community so well over the years.”

Cheryl McNicol 

Director since 2018

“What impresses me about Sunshine Coast Credit Union is the dedication to community building and improving the lives of their members.”


Serving a three year term, directors are: 

  • Stewards dedicated to safeguarding the credit union
  • Committed to the highest standards of governance, financial management, professionalism and continuing education
  • Involved in ongoing learning and development

Directors may spend 10 to 15 hours per month preparing for and attending meetings, as well as attending community events, participating in committees and planning sessions.

Board of Director Elections

Potential director candidates represent the member voice at the table. They are assessed based on attributes that match member needs and goals. Nominations and elections are held annually.

Diversity in skills, expertise, thought, background, experience, gender and culture is actively sought to ensure the board represents the communities we serve. 

Core competencies include: 

  • Financial literacy
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership
  • Capacity for succession
  • Problem-solving and judgment 
  • Interpersonal skills 

Executive Leadership Team

Shelley McDade, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

"Enriching lives is the cornerstone of our leadership, and drives every decision we make."

Dawn Bezaire, CPA, CGA

Chief Financial Officer

"While supporting its employees in achieving their career aspirations, Sunshine Coast Credit Union also supports its members and our community in ways that make me proud to work here."

Rick Cooney

Chief Credit and Risk Officer

"When members, community and Sunshine Coast Credit Union all work together, it’s a triple win. Members’ financial health improves. Your credit union becomes cooperatively stronger. And our community thrives. Together, we can achieve more."   

September Dixon

Chief Member and People Officer

"My passion lies in supporting the growth of leadership and collaboration, ultimately leading to a rewarding experience for our members."

Laurie Wilson

Chief Information Officer

“I’m excited to work with this amazing group of employees who are dedicated to providing our members with knowledgeable advice and rich experiences, in a way that will allow them to complete their financial transactions where and when they want.”

Jodi Fichtner, BBA

Chief Marketing Officer

“We're here to empower others to make great money decisions every day, and to be a key partner in our community's health. We're here for the people.”

Alex Kostenko, MBA

Vice President, Enterprise Project Management

"Sunshine Coast Credit Union is more than a financial institution - it's a pillar of our community. I am proud to be a part of a team that enriches lives on the Sunshine Coast every day."

Erin McGregor

Vice President, Commercial Services

“Our local businesses are a vital part of our community, and I’m honored to be in a position to help them thrive. We understand the challenges and are always looking for innovative ways to support a strong local economy.”

James Richmond

Vice President, Service Delivery

"Leadership means constant learning so that I can have stronger financial wellness conversations to support our membership and be a better coach for our employees."

Craig Srsen

Director, Information Technology

“My career has revolved around using data to drive improvements to public benefits and being with a credit union falls right into line with that. It makes work a little more rewarding to see it benefitting those in our local community.”