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Keep an eye out for fraud


Recognizing fraud is the first step to taking action. Be aware of the risks, learn how to identify fraud and keep yourself safe.

If you have received a suspicious call, email or text claiming to be from SCCU:

  • Report fraudulent calls, emails or messages
  • Do NOT open or click on any links
  • Immediately contact SCCU regarding the email or SMS
  • Delete it from your inbox
  • Do not feel pressured when phishing emails caution of immediate account closures if your banking details cannot be verified
  • Do not believe emails warning that your account has been compromised or that you’ll miss out on a great deal if you fail to act immediately         


Contact us immediately if you have:

  • Received a suspicious email
  • Shared your banking details in reply to a fraudulent phone call, email or text
  • Noted unusual transactions on any of your accounts
  • Accidentally clicked on links or downloaded attachments
  • If you have mistakenly clicked on a suspicious link, immediately change your online banking personal access code(s) through online banking. Continue monitoring your accounts for unusual activity.


Important Note:

Sunshine Coast Credit Union may send you emails to keep you up to date about our offers, products, services and community support. We will never send you emails or communications asking you to verify or provide your online banking details. The best way to protect yourself is to ensure you never use a link provided in an email to access your online banking (we don’t send those; scammers do). 


We are always here to help