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  • Security & Privacy

Rest easy, your security is top of mind

Stay informed on how to protect and secure your assets.

Understand how to detect fraudulent activity on your accounts.

Learn how to report fraud and optimize your financial security.


We take on line security seriously. As part of our commitment to continually seek and implement enhancements to security as they become available, SCCU will launch 2-Step Verification soon. 

A quick primer on 2-Step Verification. 

This is a highly effective security protocol that is layered into your online login process. As part of the login process, you will enter an automatically generated verification code, sent separately through text and/or email (your choice). To ensure your security, all members are asked to enrol in 2-Step Verification. After that initial enrolment, you will only be prompted with this additional step if the login attempt appears to be unusual. 

Reporting lost / stolen cards

​If your debit or credit card has been lost or stolen, it is important for you to report this information as soon as possible to ensure that your account(s) are protected.

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