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Protect yourself from fraud

​Identify it

Report it

Stop it 

Recognizing fraud isn’t always clear

Keep these valuable tips top of mind. 

Unusual activity

Report any suspicious activity on your account immediately.

How to stop fraud and protect yourself

We’re committed to your security

Enhanced password 

Ensuring your security is paramount. We will continue to offer our members best in class security feature upgrades on a regular basis, as they become available. We are pleased to offer our members the additional security of choosing complex passwords.

The requirements of a complex password

Your PAC (personal access code) will need to be a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

  • 8 to 30 characters 
  • Upper case letters (capital) letters. Examples: A,E,R
  • Lowercase (small) letters. Examples; a, c, l
  • Numbers. Example: 2, 4 , 7
  • Symbols and special characters, acceptable chararcters include: - . , # : ? | ( ) ’ | \ / @ $ !