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Find the right path to retirement

How we can help with retirement planning:

  • Create personalized savings and investment strategy to meet your goals
  • Help you determine when you will be ready for retirement
  • Manage income during the transition to retirement
  • Optimize post-retirement finances and income

RRSPs explained

Benefits of an RRSP

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan, or RRSP, is a unique type of investment designed to help you save for retirement. Putting money into an RRSP today means paying less tax now, and securing a financially healthier retirement. 

After Retirement

The first stage of an RRSP is to accumulate retirement savings. The next stage is to provide retirement income. Your accumulated savings may be invested in a variety of options to provide a retirement income which can continue for life or to age 90.

Speak with an Advisor 

Our local team of expert Advisors can help ensure you are on the right path to retirement. 

RRSP Eligible Investments at SCCU

Term Deposits

Term deposits are a guaranteed way to grow your money short or
long-term with competitive rates and redeemable options.

Learn more 

Mutual Funds & Portfolios

Mutual Funds* offer the potential to make more money,
however a return is never guaranteed.

Learn more 

Use our retirement calculator to determine:

  • Have I saved enough?
  • With my current saving strategy, how much income will I have in retirement?
  • How much more do I need to save to reach my retirement goals?