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Buying A Commercial

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Developer / Construction


Mortgages for Commercial Property

  • Ideal for purchase of retail, office or industrial properties
  • Borrow up to 75% of the value of the property
  • Our Commercial Services Advisors will customize your mortgage based on property use, potential income and opportunities to leverage your borrowers’ equity

Developer / Construction Financing

  • Ideal for construction financing, property developments and land acquisitions
  • Customized based on your business goals

Commercial Mortgage features

  • Terms from 1 to 5 years
  • Flexible repayment options: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, including interest-only arrangements
  • Choose variable or fixed rates
  • Prepayment options: prepay up to 20% annually
  • Re-advanceable so that you can borrow against the equity in your property
  • Let our Commercial Services Advisors come to you and customize a mortgage aligned with your business goals

Finding you the best rate

At Sunshine Coast Credit Union, we look at the full picture when providing you with a rate quote.

We reward member loyalty and value the strong relationship we’ve built together. We have a stellar reputation for thinking outside the box and creating innovative solutions. We can do this because we're locally owned and operated right here on the Sunshine Coast. 

Give us the opportunity to quote on your mortgage today, and let us demonstrate what we can do for you.


Reasons to join

  • Connect to a local network of financial support for you and your business
  • Smart advice from the Sunshine Coast’s largest team of Mobile Financial Advisors
  • Every investment with us is an investment in your community
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Find the right advice for your commercial mortgage needs

To start your application, contact our Mobile Commercial Services Advisor team.


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