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    Wire Transfers 

    Sending Wire Transfers

    Sunshine Coast Credit Union members can quickly and securely transfer funds to virtually anyone.

    Any SCCU branch can arrange wire transfers in Canadian or foreign currency. Expect funds to arrive within three to five business days.

    If a financial institution must forward the transfer, additional fees may apply. Sending funds in the recipient's bank's currency reduces currency exchange costs.

    Use these forms to gather information:

    Members will complete the form required and either drop it off in-branch or email to
    Make sure you have all the transfer information before sending or going in to the branch.  

    Here's a list of foreign currencies that your wire can be sent in:
    • Australian dollars- AUD
    • Canadian dollars - CAD
    • Danish krone - DKK
    • Euro - EUR
    • Fijian dollars - FJD
    • Great British pound - GBP
    • Hong Kong dollars - HKD
    • Indian rupee - INR
    • Japanese yen - JPY
    • Mexican peso - MXN
    • New Zealand dollars - NZD
    • Norwegian krone - NOK
    • Singapore dollars - SGD
    • South African rand - ZAR
    • Swedish krone - SEK
    • Swiss francs - CHF
    • United States dollars - USD
    Make sure the recipient financial institution can accept your currency. Wire fees are $30 for International wires and Canadian dollar wires.

    Receiving wire transfers

    If you wish to receive a wire transfer, you will need to provide your wiring instructions. 

    Incomplete wire instructions may return funds to the sending financial institution. The sending and intermediary financial institutions may deduct service charges before the wire arrives at SCCU. We cannot control these fees and are not informed of them before sending funds. SCCU charges $10 to process incoming wire transfers in Canadian dollars and all foreign currencies (except US dollars, which is $10 USD).

    For incoming wire transfer instructions, call the Member Service Centre at 604.740.2662.

    We are always here to help