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  • 18 Month Term Special

Enjoy a bonus rate on a fixed or variable, 18-Month Term Deposit. 

(Limited Time Offer)

For a limited time only, receive a bonus rate on our 18-Month Variable Term Deposit and 18-Month Fixed Term Deposit with a minimum investment of only $1,000. Our 18-Month Variable Term Deposit grows as interest rates do and can be locked in at any time, giving flexibility and control over your investment. If you are looking for a guaranteed rate of return with no risk to your principle, choose our 18-Month Fixed Term Deposit. 

Todays Rate:

18-Month Fixed2.00%*
18-Month Variable0.95*

Last Updated March 30, 2022

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*Limited time offer for 18-month non-redeemable fixed or variable term deposit until April 30; Rates subject to change at any time; Convertible to equal or longer term. New funds only. 


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