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Take your financial health to new heights, while making an impact in ways that matter

Our diverse range of resources are here to help.

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Build Your Financial Literacy

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Learn How - Top Tips

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Make An Impact


Registered Financial Product Brochures

Understanding the difference between Registered Financial Products can be tricky, especially if you don't know where to start. Choose from the links below to learn more about each product from our handy brochures. 


Financial Literacy


​4 proactive strategies to build wealth

It’s never too early to start developing financial literacy, and never too late to build on your knowledge. Here’s 4 ways to build wealth from our Mobile Financial Advisors. 


Consolidate debt and pay down your credit card

We can help with the stress of debt. Learn how to optimize your cash flow and reduce debt faster. 

Online Financial Literacy workshops

Request a session or host a workshop for your organization, company or special interest group- In person or virtual.

Review a list of topics HERE

It’s free, fun, and full of financial tips. 


Supporting Your Financial Wellness


Get your financial wellness score and explore ways to improve your financial health by taking our online assessment today. 


Basic Budgeting Tutorial


Create a plan

For you to achieve your financial goals, first you need to understand your current circumstances.  By putting it all down, you can see where you may be able to make adjustments.  This may mean consolidating some debts so your payments are smaller or putting more into emergency savings.

For the link to the budgeting website used in the video visit HERE.

Want to dig deeper?  Talk to a service advisor about your budget and get professional advice on your next steps to achieving financial wellness.


Online Banking Tutorials 



Decrease your environmental footprint

Log in to online banking and opt out of printed statements today.


Save for what’s important to you 

Log in to online banking, open a savings account and set up an automatic recurring transfer to meet your next savings goal.


Prevent fraud and feel more secure

Our top tips to optimize security and prevent fraud.


Increase your online security 

Log in to online banking and choose to receive Mobile Security Alerts to your phone or email. You will be notified of any activity within your online banking .


Send money internationally

Send money globally from your online banking account in minutes. 


Access your accounts online

Online banking lets you pay bills, check balances and transfer funds, wherever you happen to be.



​Bring your values into your investing

Sunshine Coast Credit Union ‘s Impactful term deposit provides both financial and social returns. 

Support our Community Businesses

By being a member, you're activating donations to the Sunshine Coast community.  Meet the Rebuild Business Grant recipients. 

​Investing as a Force for Good

We are part owner of Rhiza Capital, an impact investment group of funds, dedicated to Canadian social ventures that have the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. 


We are always here to help