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  • 4 Ways To Start Building Wealth Today

4 Ways To Start Building Wealth Today

Our Mobile Advisors share their best strategies.

You can start building wealth at any age, and it doesn’t have to be a daunting or lofty process. There are strategies you can take action on today, that can secure the financial future you want tomorrow. Our team is passionate about helping you make those dreams a reality, and breaking them down into realistic steps to get you there.

From savings strategies to investment expertise, our Mobile Financial Advisors bring a wealth of knowledge. Here are some of their top tips when it comes to achieving your financial goals.

1. Create a budget 

“We all know creating a budget is important, but so many people overlook it. It’s one of the back-to-basics rules I recommend to all our members. A great rule to start with is the 50/30/20 rule. Aim to spend about 50% of your income on fixed items like rent, utilities, transportation, 30% on variable expenses, and 20% towards saving and investing.”

-Grace Gamboa, Mobile Financial Advisor

2. Automate your savings

“One of the easiest and best ways to save is to automate it. Whether you’re putting money aside for a contingency plan, or you have aspirations to launch your own business one day, saving is key. Set up a recurring transfer into your savings account, so when payday comes around you’re already one step ahead. Psychologically we’re better at resisting spending money that’s removed from our day-to-day account.”

-Erin McGregor, Manager, Commercial Lending

4. Prioritize high-interest debt

“Part of building wealth is also handling your debt responsibly. Ensure you’re prioritizing your highest interest rates first. A strategy I like to recommend is ranking all of your debt in order of interest rate, from highest to lowest. Then, prioritize the payments, while still paying the minimum on all of your debts. You’ll pay less over the lifespan of your loans, and you’ll be able to reach your financial (and life) goals faster.”

-Karly Elliot, Mobile Financial Advisor

3. Introduce an investment laddering strategy

“A lot of people haven’t heard of or considered investment laddering, and it’s a great way to add flexibility to your investments and diversify your interest rates as they change. GIC laddering is a simple, risk-free way to maximize the return from your investments, without locking in all of your funds into a single long-term investment. You can customize the amount, and have access to the funds each year or when you need them whether you’re using them for something important or you want to reinvest. It’s a great option for retirees who want a set amount of income each year.”

-Kim Starnes, Mobile Financial Advisor

Our Mobile Financial Advisors are here to help you through these wealth building strategies, and more. We’re dedicated to understanding your unique financial goals, and working together to customize a plan that’s right for you.

Start by scheduling a meeting with one of our Mobile Financial Advisors today.


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