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For kids wanting to get a solid jump start on their investing adventure.

Want to give the 11-12 year olds in your life an exciting start to their financial journey? For a limited time, open a Humanomics Youth Savings Account and help them earn up to $125 for free.


  • Account holder must be 11 or 12 years old during the promotional period 
  • Minimum initial deposit of $25 or $10/month automatic deposit for at least three months
  • Limited time offer: Ends November 30th 2022


  • Be rewarded for good saving habits; earn up to $125 via a bonus of up to $100 and up to $25 on the account's first and third anniversary 
  • Grow your money every day with our best interest rate PLUS 0.25% 
  • No monthly fee
  • One free debit transaction per month; $5 per transaction over this limit

Help build money skills

Almost everything we want or need costs money, which makes it an important part of our everyday life. 
*Offer available for a limited time only and may be withdrawn at any time without notice during the offer period. Only one Humanomics Youth Savings Account per member is allowed. To be eligible for the Humanomics Youth Savings Account Bonus Payments, a member must:

1. Be 11 or 12 years of age on the date the Humanomics Youth Savings Account is opened.

2. Open the account in their own name.

3. Deposit an initial $25 to the Humanomics Youth Savings Account OR set up a recurring monthly deposit of a minimum of $10 to the Humanomics Youth Savings Account for a minimum 3 months.

$125 is the maximum of the total Bonus Payments for each account. The first Bonus Payment will be calculated as 20% of the account balance on the first anniversary of account opening date, to a maximum of $100. The second Bonus Payment will be calculated as 5% of the account balance on the third anniversary of account opening, to a maximum $25. Bonus Payments will be deposited directly to the Humanomics Youth Savings Account within 30 days of the first and third anniversaries of account opening. If the account is closed prior to the first or third anniversaries, subsequent Bonus Payment(s) will not be made. Bonus Payments will be treated as interest income for tax reporting purposes. Interest is calculated daily on the entire account balance and paid quarterly. The Humanomics Youth Savings Account interest rate is guaranteed at a differential of +0.25% over the Investment Savings Account interest rate. When the account holder turns 19 years of age, the Humanomics Youth Savings Account will be converted to a regular savings account which may have different fees, interest rates, terms.