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“Our local businesses are a vital part of our community, and I’m honored to be in a position to help them thrive. We understand the challenges and are always looking for innovative ways to support a strong local economy.”

Erin McGregor 

Vice President, Commercial Services

Erin has been helping Credit Union members achieve their business goals for over 15 years. This has given her insight into both large and small enterprises in an array of industries, as well as the ability to quickly understand their unique challenges and opportunities. She is passionate about helping members increase their financial health while meeting their business goals, which often requires out-of-the-box thinking and custom solutions. Erin is also a firm believer in the importance of helping businesses and communities understand their impact and increase their sustainability.    

Her commitment to education is based on a belief that deepening one’s knowledge and developing a more global understanding leads to more creative and innovative solutions to problems in any industry. She is currently working towards an MBA with a specialty in Business Analytics to compliment a BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership. Erin has also supported the community through board and committee participation for several organizations including Rhiza Capital and the chamber of commerce.  


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