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  • Account Changes For Senior Members

New Accounts for Senior Members 

Based on member feedback, SCCU is evolving its accounts for senior members.  

For members turning 60 years of age as of April 1, 2022, chequing account options will now include free INTERAC®  e-Transfers*.  Account features and benefits remain the same as our regular account offering except that seniors will enjoy a $4 discount on the monthly fee.

Chequing Accounts  Core Mobile Unlimited  Premium Unlimited 
Senior FREE  $5 $10
Regular $4  $9 $14





Why are you changing the account offering for seniors? 

The ways people pay and move money is evolving. Based on feedback and the high demand for free INTERAC®  e-Transfers*, we are making changes that create a better experience for senior members. 

Will I be impacted if I am already using SCCU’s existing Golden account? 

No. Members currently using the existing Golden account may continue to use that account, or make the choice to move to one of the new account options  

How do I know if I should switch to a new account? 

We can help!  Give us a call at 604 740.2662 and we will be able to advise which account is best for you based on your payment preferences and usage. If you conduct a lot of INTERAC®  e-Transfers*, then likely the new account options will be better for you.



*INTERAC® Online and INTERAC® e-Transfer are Trade-marks of Interac Inc. Used under license.   


We are always here to help