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  • AGM

You are invited to attend our 79th Annual General Meeting – Virtually!

September 15th, 6pm

Be Sure to Register in Advance Online HERE *

Or by Phone:  604.740.2662

2020 AGM Agenda

I. GotoWebinar Instructions

II. Call to Order

III. Ascertainment of Quorum

IV. Introduction of Board, Officers, Parliamentarian

V. Adoption of Agenda and Rules Of Order

VI. Appointment of Recording Secretary And Parliamentarian

VII. Adoption of Minutes Of The 78th Annual General Meeting Held On April 30th, 2019

VIII. Business Arising Out of The Minutes IX. Directors, CEO, & Financial Report

X. Auditor’s Report

XI. Adoption of Reports

XII. Appointment of Auditors

XIII. Motion to Authorize the Directors To Set The Audit Fee

XIV. Directors Election Results

XV. Pre-submitted Questions From The Membership

XVI. Further Questions

XVII. New Business

XVIII. Adjourn Meeting

Review our 2019 Annual Report and Meet the Leadership Team

2019 Annual Report

2019 Consolidated Financial Statements

2019 Management Discussion & Analysis 

2019 Governance Report

2019 Community Enrichment Report

Meet the Leadership Team

* Once your registration request is submitted, and upon confirmation of membership, you will receive an email with a link to join the webinar.

If you have trouble registering please email