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  • Daily interest savings account - no minimum balance required
  • Interest calculated on a daily closing balance and paid quarterly
  • Interest Rate: 0.15%
  • Monthly Fee - $0
  • Competitive interest rates established on a tiered system
  • Interest calculated on a step basis
  • Interest calculated on a daily closing balance and paid monthly
  • Monthly Fee - $0
Insufficient Funds Fee $45.00
Rejected items, per item  $7.00
Direct payment purchases  $0.75
Preauthorized payments  $0.75
In-branch withdrawals or transfers  $0.75
System transfer to cover overdraft  $4.00
Telephone request for transfer $4.00
MemberDirect® Online transfer  $0.75
MemberLink® Telebanking transfer  $0.75
Chargebacks  $7.00
Stop payments $16.00
Overdraft charge, per item  $5.00
Collections sent and received $26.00
Line of Credit, monthly fee min. $2.50
Annual account review  Negotiable
Customer Automated Funds Transfer (CAFT) Negotiable
Night depository bags Cost
Bill payments - in-branch $1.50
Bill payments by MemberLink® Telebanking, MemberDirect® Online Banking  $0.75 
INTERAC e-Transfers®  $1.50
Monthly Printed Statement Fee  $2.50
Deposits at SCCU (in-branch, ATM, night depository)  FREE
Coin orders  FREE* 
*SCCU reserves the right to negotiate the monthly fee to accommodate extremely high volume accounts, and to limit large volume cash and cheque deposits.  
SCCU ATM $0.75
Other BC Credit Union ATM                                                                                                                                                               $0.75
U.S. ATM $3.00
International ATM $5.00

Some institutions have additional surcharges; THE EXCHANGE® Network has no surcharges.
     Domestic and International Incoming $13
     Domestic and International Outgoing $32
Letter of interest paid (income tax)  $15.00
Registration of Certificate of Title  cost +$25.00
Letter of Credit  1% min. $25.00
Automatic loan payment reversed $5.00
Account closed (open less than 90 days)                                                                                   $25.00
Balance of account transfer** $22.00
Inactive account – annually  $35.00
Reference letter – account balance  $20.00
Reference letter – bank verification  $23.00
Reference letter – interest earned $23.00
Voucher search – less than 30 days  $6.00
Voucher search – more than 30 days  $30.00/hr, min. $15.00
Post dated cheques, held for deposit  $4.00 per item
Statement prepared in branch  $5.00
Chargebacks  $7.00
Cheque drawn on non-chequing account  $7.00
Bill payment tracing  cost
Replace lost night deposit key  cost
Returned mail processing fee  $10.00
U.S. Draft (USD) $10.00
Official Cheque  $10.00
Monthly Printed Statement Fee $2.50
Cheque Images included in Printed Statement $1.00
Additional change of signor fee  $25.00

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*Transactions included in Account Packages: direct payment purchases, pre-authorized payments, bill payments through MemberLink® Telebanking, MemberDirect® Online Banking, withdrawals at all BC credit union ATMs and EXCHANGE® ATMs, in-branch withdrawals and cheques.

**Except when transferred to another credit union

MEMBERCARD® is a registered certification mark owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license. 

INTERAC Online® and INTERAC e-Transfer® are trademarks of Interac Inc. Used under license. 

MemberLink® Telephone Service and MemberDirect® Online Service are registered trademarks owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license. 

Rates, fees and accounts are subject to change. For a complete list of services and fees, refer to our Service Fee Guide.