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Reinvention Starts Here: Sunshine Coast Credit Union announces launch of Online Financial Wellness Assessment

SCCU delivers personalized support for member financial wellness, during an uncertain time


Sunshine Coast, BC, June 19, 2020   Sunshine Coast Credit Union (SCCU) announces the launch of their online Financial Wellness Assessment, in collaboration with the Financial Health Network and the Sentis Group.

“Building our members’ financial wellness has always been a core focus for Sunshine Coast Credit Union,” said SCCU CEO Shelley McDade. “Due to recent events and an uncertain economic future ahead, our investment in this area has become even more critical as members feel the financial effects of COVID-19. Our definition of success is tied to creating positive outcomes for our members and the communities we share.”

The assessment leverages the FinHealth Score™ Toolkit, developed and generously shared by the Financial Health Network. Participants answer eight questions grouped into four categories – spend, save, borrow and plan – to receive a snapshot of their financial wellness, overall and by category. Scores allow participants to self-assess if they are spending, saving, borrowing, and planning in a way that will enable them to be financially resilient and pursue opportunities over time. 

“We are offering a simple way for people to understand their current state and be able to access resources instantly based on their preference,” commented Jodi Fichtner, Chief Marketing Officer at SCCU. “Options available at the end of the assessment include online articles, one-on-one advisor consultations and an invitation to share the results with SCCU for a more personalized advisory experience. Our vision is to work with our members over time, and upon re-assessment, see a tangible lift in their financial wellness.” 

While the methodology for the assessment came from the Financial Health Network, SCCU engaged Sentis to take the program online. “We were excited to jump in and bring this to life for SCCU,” said Julie Winram, Managing Partner at Sentis. “Our focus is on developing research tools and online platforms that empower our clients to deliver on their brand promise. For credit unions that means supporting their members on the path to financial health – and we share that vision.”

SCCU sees the launch of the online assessment tool as a jumping off point. “Launching this tool is the beginning of a larger commitment to delivering a more personalized experience for members as they move through their journey with us,” added Fichtner. “We’ll also be looking at the aggregate data with the intention of developing and delivering products and services to support stronger financial wellness for all of our members in the long term.”

Learn more and try SCCU’s Financial Wellness Assessment:

About Sunshine Coast Credit Union 

With close to $800 million in assets, Sunshine Coast Credit Union is a full-service co-operative financial institution serving up solutions to more than 17,000 members through three branches and a robust digital platform. Investing in one another to build a healthy community is how we began, a vision that remains true today.  Watch: Our Story

About the Financial Health Network

The Financial Health Network is the nation’s authority on financial health. The Financial Health Network leads a network of financial services innovators committed to building a more robust financial services marketplace with higher quality products and services, specifically for those who are struggling. Through its Compass Principles and a lineup of proprietary research, insights, and events, the Financial Health Network informs, advises, and connects members of its network to seed the innovation that will transform the financial services landscape. For more on the Financial Health Network, go to and follow them on Twitter at @finhealthnet.

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