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Invest In What Matters!


Your investment empowers impactful lending, with all the confidence, security, and flexibility of a guaranteed, redeemable term deposit. 


Investing in what matters

We're dedicating a portion of our lending dollars to financing socially-minded start-up and growth companies on the Sunshine Coast and BC. These are companies that can demonstrate that they are making a positive difference in our communities, socially or environmentally.

A guaranteed financial and social return

Your investment in Impactful empowers impactful lending. It's an innovative way to make the most of your money, generating both a financial and social return on your funds. 


  • 5 Year Redeemable Escalator Term Deposit
  • Flexible. Redeemable Annually 
  • RRSP and TFSA eligible 
  • Deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Insurance Corporation of BC (CUDIC)


Your rate of return increases each year. 


YEAR 1 2.50% YEAR 4  5.00%
YEAR 2  2.70% YEAR 5


YEAR 3  3.30% AVG 3.90%




If you are looking to invest directly into social impact companies, Rhiza Capital is an excellent place to start. Contact Brian Smith for information and options.  


Brian Smith

CEO, Rhiza Capital


Rhiza Capital is a joint initiative between Community Futures Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Credit Union, and Powell River Community Investment Corporation. 


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