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UPDATES ON COVID-19: Your health and financial wellbeing is our top priority. Get the latest updates here. 

Contact us by phone (604.740.2662) or (Live Chat) for all your banking related matters Monday to Friday 7:30am - 6:30pm and Saturdays 7:30am - 5:00pm (Please note we have minimized our In-Branch Service Hours)

A debit card with benefits wherever you go


With Tap



4000+ ATMs

Our debit cards allow you to easily deposit and withdraw your money at over 4000 ATMs nationwide. 

Pay in store with a tap

INTERAC Flash® allows you to pay for small purchases quickly through contactless technology in our INTERAC Flash® enabled MEMBER CARD® debit cards. Purchase items up to $100 without having to PIN, swipe or insert your card. An easy, safe, quick and convenient way to pay for everyday items. 

Deposit or withdraw at 4000+ ding free® ATMs

Three local branches to serve you and 4000+ ding free® ATMs nationwide.


Pay It Local - show your card for premium perks

Pay It Local Rewards is a triple win for local business, SCCU members and our community. Our mobile app ensures you never miss an opportunity to support local businesses and get a great deal! It’s FREE for businesses to sign up and for members to download.

Pay electronically with INTERAC® ​Online

INTERAC® Online is a secure and easy way to use your accounts to pay for purchases when you shop online. INTERAC® Zero Liability Policy means you will not be liable for losses resulting from unauthorized transactions*.

The ideal option if you:

  • Don’t have a credit card
  • Don’t want to use a credit card
  • Want more security and fraud protection
  • Want more control over your spending

Open a Chequing Account with a Debit Card today

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