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Welcome!  We are pleased to continue uninterrupted financial services through your choice of channel: digital, online chat, phone, or in-branch.  Learn more about your options, our hours and how we are keeping everyone safe along the way.

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A debit card with benefits wherever you go


With Tap



4000+ ATMs

Our debit cards allow you to easily deposit and withdraw your money at over 4000 ATMs nationwide. 

Pay in store with a tap

INTERAC Flash® allows you to pay for small purchases quickly through contactless technology in our INTERAC Flash® enabled MEMBER CARD® debit cards. Purchase items up to $100 without having to PIN, swipe or insert your card. An easy, safe, quick and convenient way to pay for everyday items. 

Deposit or withdraw at 4000+ ding free® ATMs

Three local branches to serve you and 4000+ ding free® ATMs nationwide.


Pay It Local - show your card for premium perks

Pay It Local Rewards is a triple win for local business, SCCU members and our community. Our mobile app ensures you never miss an opportunity to support local businesses and get a great deal! It’s FREE for businesses to sign up and for members to download.

Pay electronically with INTERAC® ​Online

INTERAC® Online is a secure and easy way to use your accounts to pay for purchases when you shop online. INTERAC® Zero Liability Policy means you will not be liable for losses resulting from unauthorized transactions*.

The ideal option if you:

  • Don’t have a credit card
  • Don’t want to use a credit card
  • Want more security and fraud protection
  • Want more control over your spending

Open a Chequing Account with a Debit Card today

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