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Connect to easy, secure and convenient digital banking

We understand the importance of staying connected. That's why we make sure you have access to seamless online and mobile banking, all the time.


Transfer and receive money


Send or receive money in a snap with INTERAC e-Transfer®. All you need is your email and/or mobile phone number.

INTERAC e-Transfer® is a quick and convenient way to transfer money for almost anything:

  • Repaying money you borrowed from a friend
  • Sending cash to children at college or university
  • Transferring your share of rent to your roommate
  • Sending money in place of a gift

Autodeposit is a faster and more convenient way to receive money sent via INTERAC e-Transfer®. Autodeposit allows you to skip the security questions, logging in to your account and choosing your financial institution, every time you receive money. Autodeposit will automatically deposit your incoming INTERAC e-Transfer® in your selected account for you.

Whether you are an individual or business, you can use INTERAC e-Transfer® Request Money to easily request what you are owed. When you send a request, the recipient is notified via text or email. When the request is accepted by the recipient, the amount requested will be deposited into your selected account. 





Maximum amount per transfer 6,000 10,000
Maximum amount per day 20,000 20,000
Maximum amount per 7 days 20,000 50,000
Maximum amount per 30 days 40,000 100,000


Maximum amount per transfer 10,000 10,000
Maximum amount per day 20,000 20,000
Maximum amount per 7 days 140,000 140,000
Maximum amount per 30 days 600,000 600,000
Maximum amount per request 3,000 3,000

Error's happen but we can help! Check our Online Banking Error Code Troubleshooting guide HERE

​If you're still encountering problems please call our Member Service Centre at 604 740 2662


Keep your money secure

We take your financial security seriously.

  • Set up and receive custom security alerts
  • Log in to your Mobile App with facial ID and/or fingerprint recognition
  • Stay in the know and gain instant clarity on your financial picture

Deposit cheques

Quickly and securely deposit cheques with your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere, day or night.

How it works

  • Open the app on your smartphone
  • Select your account and enter the amount
  • Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque
  • Confirm the details and tap “submit”



Send money internationally, anytime you want

Enjoy self-serve International Transfers* today with access to live rates, quick delivery and dedicated support.

  • Money is deposited directly into your recipients' bank account
  • No deductions (ever) on the transfer amount
  • International Transfers are quick, convenient and efficient

Mobile Banking

Our Mobile Banking App gives you the ability to control and manage your accounts, right at your fingertips.

Find your closest branch or ATM

Three local branches to serve you and 4000+ ATMs nationwide.

Pay bills

With mobile and online banking, pay bills securely and efficiently. 

Set up recurring transfers

Schedule recurring bill payments or regular deposits to your savings account.


What's New

v15.1.32 to v15.1.33

Fixed an issue with wrong loading colour

Fixed an issue with incorrect behaviour during switching logins for Touch ID/Face ID v15.1.26 to v15.1.32

Fixed an issue when FX currency rates list does not load for Foreign Exchange Calculator v15.1.20 to v15.1.26

Fixed white bar issue Removed SMS permissions to allow building Android production app v15.0.24 to v15.1.20 

Fixed multiple security issues, including android-gif-drawable library

Multiple performance improvements - the apps should be 20-30% faster now

Deprecated Ui

WebVIew API is replaced with WkWebVIew in iOS

Fixed an issue with loading text missing on iOS 13

Fixed an issue with first time users unable to accept license agreement on iOS

Fixed an issue with unwarranted force upgrade prompts on Android

Deposit Anywhere - fixed spelling in English/French version

Fixed iOS app crash before popup force or grace upgrade message dialog

Fixed an issue with province and postal code display on Find us branch and ATM

Fixed an issue with buttons not updating list of branches/ATMs on Find us

Minimum supported iOS version bumped to 10.3

Fixed a spacing issue on last logged in link modal

Fixed on issue with missing purpose string in info.plist on iOS

Fixed layout issue related to add recipients to e-transfers

Fixed an issue with keyboard not having a period but comma when entering dollar value

Fixed Dark Mode issues on datepicker in transfers/e-transfers

Fixed an issue with overlapping text on Contact us form when email is too long

Fixed an issue with no confirmation number being provided for transfers

Fixed an issue with Service unavailable error when accepting License agreement

Fixed an issue with e-transfer confirmation page missing confirmation number v13.18.12 to v15.0.24 Implemented new NCR MiSnap SDK into iOS and Android to increase accurateness and speed of Deposit Anywhere, this also resolves Android 10 Google Pixel issue with camera button being blocked by soft home button

Implemented New Relic analytics for performance tracking and error logging

Fixed an issue with Mobile Pay provisioning

Fixed an issue with iOS Touch ID not displaying in settings

Fixed an issue with Mortgage Calculators not working in mobile app

Fixed a number of issues when user is unable to complete e-Transfer

Fixed an issue with Memorandum field allowing more than 30 characters on Android

Fixed an issue with some crashes on Android app

Fixed an issue where "Select Other Login" flow disregards fulfill request and receive e-Transfer

Fixed an issue where Login page prefix is not visible

Fixed an issue with Full site and About links being broken on iOS

Fixed an issue with French Deposit Anywhere marketing carousal v13.18.7 to v13.18.12 For Android app, MapActivity has been updated to use the new Location Provider Client

Fixed an issue with v13 mobile voting special resolution only vote being broken

Fixed an issue with force upgrade messaging in iOS and Android

Fixed an issue with Quickview spinning in iOS - when Quickview is not enabled

Fixed an issue with no confirmation # provided for Online Bill Payment

Fixed an issue with Apple Pay displaying an error during in-app card provisioning v13.18.2 to v13.18.7 For Android app, reduced app crash rate from ~25% to ~.7%

For Android app, restored 32 bit device support

Fixed an Interac initialization crash on 32 bit devices. Note: Mobile Pay is not supported on 32bit devices, a message is now displayed instead of the crash

Fully supported Android 8 & 9 changes & changed build target to Android 9

Changed a mobile pay flow in some response code cases & added improved error handling, messaging and retry. Retry unlinks card so you can start a fresh provision attempt

Fixed iOS mobile app height issue on iPhone X, Xs Max and Xr

Fixed an issue with add note text on Request Money confirm page

Fixed an issue with Apple Pay PAN Card display (cutting off the last digits) on iPhone 6s

Fixed a number of issues regarding lockouts and failed login attempts when using features such as QuickView and TouchID - and also in upgrade or change PAC/PAN scenarios.

Note: QuickView will not be available in some situations e.g. After app upgrade before first login QuickView will be disabled

Fixed an issue with Member Rewards earn page transfer button



Accessing your accounts is easy


We are always here to help


® INTERAC Online and INTERAC e-Transfer are Trade-marks of Interac Inc. Used under license. 

​International transfer services are provided by Agility Forex Ltd. dba AFL International Transfers, FINTRAC registration number M13773887.

​*International Transfers are available 24/7. Your transfers are protected with AES 256-bit encryption, through a FINTRAC-regulated entity. Includes integrated automated identity verification, anti-money laundering procedures, automated online checks, advanced anti-fraud safeguards and insurance coverage.