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Here are some of the ways we are here to support you.


Protecting and enhancing the financial health and safety of our members has always been a top priority for us, and we continue to expand our expertise and services to deliver on that promise for our members. Enroll in one of our financial wellness courses today or take our Financial Wellness Assessment ​and see how much further we can take your savings and retirement goals.



When economic and social emergencies happen, we are all called upon to support one another and our community. Our Rebuilder Term Deposit was an opportunity to contribute to the Coast economic recovery. Every deposit triggered a subsequent addition to our Rebuild Grants, adding up to $25,000 to our initial $75,000 investment. Thank you for your support.  We offered $200,000 in non-repayable grants to support and sustain Coast businesses through this difficult economic cycle. 


It has long been said that the only constant in life is change. Rarely, however, has change occurred with the force and speed we’re seeing today. We’re here to help you manage the frantic pace of change with our team of advisors, armed with insights, access and financial wellness expertise. Click here to review your options for Financial Relief and Support and to learn how to make the most of Digital Banking. 

Let’s connect and ensure your financial plan is future-proof. 


Apply for an interest-free loan of up to $900, repayable within 12 months, to help you stay connected as everyday banking, shopping, learning and commerce moves to digital. With the combination of physical distancing and businesses moving their services into digital first and digital only models, we’ve heard from our members that access to short term, interest-free loans to embrace technology would be highly welcome. Helping our members get outfitted and ready for the changes that are occurring to how we bank, shop and share everything from money to food to merchandise and gifts is a priority. There has never been a greater need for digital literacy. Call us today to access the capital, expertise, and advice that you’ll need to keep pace with digital transformation.


As your credit union, we are leading by example, and asking others to follow suit in supporting local businesses. We launched an internal Loyal to Local campaign that encouraged our 90-strong employees to buy local, sharing on their . Stay tuned for more information!


MEDTALKS is a health and wellness educational event series provided by the Sechelt Hospital Foundation in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, featuring various subject matter experts, local staff and resources here on the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast Credit Union has been the founding sponsorship partner since 2017.  Each MedTalk is intended to address a health issue facing our community, with valuable information about illness prevention and proactive health management.


*Limited time offer; rate subject to change.  Terms and conditions apply; must be new funds to Sunshine Coast Credit Union.


We are always here to help